V-trology (toe science)

Feel and learn toe science: it is a real marvel, because it shows all the experiences of your life. Our research goal was to develop a form of analysis that shows where the cause of a health issue lies. V-trology enables us to support people in getting rid of old thought structures and conditioning and thus also of physical symptoms.
V-trology, the toe science, means the recognition, naming and implementation of a body language, the connection between the subconscious and the toes.

We at the Viet Institute have recognized that all the experiences of life, from birth to the present day, are stored in the subconscious, similar to the hard disk of a computer. As soon as this subconscious memory is filled, the experiences manifest through the toes. Every single toe is connected to the subconscious and clearly shows the living conditions of a person. For example, a mentally and physically healthy person has toes that are straight, lying flat, without furrows or other features.

As soon as experiences are saved, the toes change. They get wrinkles, redness, withdraw or mutate to the side. The toes can be used to see, for example, whether thoughts are being spoken openly or rather being held back.

Suicidal thoughts, separations, work situations such as bullying, verbal and sexual abuse, family events and much more are manifested and shown by the toes. It is an extremely valuable form of analysis for us, because we can identify the causes behind the changes and subsequently work on them together with the client.

Our toes are a marvel, they show our entire life story.