As part of the training, we offer you in-depth insights into geopathology in order to be able to live 98% without interference fields.

We are surrounded by different radiations every day. Some of these are radiations of natural origin, such as cosmic lunar radiation, which affects the tides, or electromagnetic fields such as gravitational pull. These types of radiation basically have no negative effects on our body.

Over the course of time, however, humans have developed a large number of artificial electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic radiations that constantly surround them – and have proven to be harmful to health. Almost every household has electronics of all kinds, from light switches to cell phones, from WiFi to radio and TV. It is inevitable: All of this external radiation affects our body. This, in turn, has its own electromagnetic field, therefore functions like an antenna and responds continuously. Due to the permanent load, regeneration of our body, which is so intensely and additionally stressed, is hardly possible anymore. And the longer and more intensively we are exposed to strong radiation sources such as cell phones, the more serious the consequences for our health.

Even if we do not use technical devices, our environment is by no means radiation-free. Because there are power lines in the walls of the house we live in, power cables run through the ground beneath us and cell phone and electricity pylons can be found everywhere in the landscape.
In addition, there is the earth’s underwater household. Not only two thirds of the earth, but also the flora, fauna and humans consist largely of water. Countless underwater rivers, lakes and veins that collect, transport and distribute information – including not only poisons from modern industry, but also negative energies such as stress, hectic pace, anger or grief that humans secrete – flow below the surface of the earth. We are constantly in resonance with these countless permanent interference fields – a permanent and harmful burden for the body, whose immune and glandular systems are weakened as a result.

A sustainable interference suppression of your place of residence or your workplace leads to immediate relaxation, strengthening the foundation of your state of health.