Disrupt house, building and property

Disrupt house, building and property

Does this sound familiar?

  • You enter your house and feel cold and uncomfortable?
  • Do your children fight as soon as they enter the house?
  • Do you suffer from sleep disorders?
  • Does your body show symptoms such as migraines, anxiety or serious illnesses such as cancer?
  • You come to work and you are stressed out. Colleagues suffer from depression. Bullying takes place among colleagues.
  • Your company does not generate sales, employees quit quickly or are unreliable.

All of this can be an effect of the rays that surround us every day!
The permanent radiation not only pollutes the atmosphere of a place, but can have a long-term adverse effect on our health.

In order to avoid such permanent stresses and negative influences on health, it is necessary to disrupt the negative environment.

Would you like your house and property to become an oasis of peace? Or offer a job that promotes success and a positive working atmosphere? We’ll gladly assist you!

The Viet Institute has developed a vibration that is far above the current energies. If this vibration is applied, it prevents all other energies.

The cost of interference suppression based on energy depends on the size of the property, house or business. We are happy to provide individual information, please contact us!

Make an inspection appointment to find out what loads are currently in your house, apartment or property.