Basic training V-tronomy (vibration technology) / V-trology (toe science)

We would like to give you the opportunity to leave old patterns behind and show you that life is worth living – in inner and outer freedom. By learning the V-tronomy / V-trology method, you can help people to alleviate or even overcome an illness.

As part of our training, we draw on our own experience and research results that we have acquired and developed over the years. The content we teach is therefore in no way a matter of guesswork, but of verifiable realities.

What can you expect in our basic training?

  • Personal development and awareness raising
  • Ability to recognize the cause of a disease / symptom via V-trology (toe science)
  • Ability to uncover the root cause of illnesses
  • Learning the advanced energy science V-tronomy (vibration technology)
  • Basics of house / building and property interference clearance
  • Insights into astrophysics
  • Learn the nutritional analysis we have developed

This whole package of new knowledge gives you the chance to experience your own life independently – and / or to enable other people to get better.

Experience our basic training at the locations of the Viet Institute in South Africa or in Germany.

After the three-week basic training period, we will accompany you for another four months via e-mail and / or Skype in the application of the learned methods and the structure of lectures. We are available to answer any questions you may have about V-tronomy / V-trology. After that there is the possibility to continue working with us every month. In addition, further training takes place once a year.