Viet Institute


Our belief is…

… that everyone has the right to live a healthy and joyful life. We have made it our life’s work to support you in exercising this right. We, Silke and Peter, found each other through our work after many years. Since we met we have been working together in astrophysics, medical research, therapies and training as well as their different forms of application. With the help of intensive research into the causes, we have already been able to support many people with various illnesses in getting relief or even recovery.

We have been able to identify the cause of almost every health or disease condition using the toe science (V-trology) developed by the Viet Institute. Based on this knowledge, we developed a treatment method that can resolve the cause of an illness with the help of the client. If this succeeds, a symptom disease has no further existence.

The institute also offers this type of job as training.

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Silke Viet

I’ve gone many ways in my life to get to where I am today. But I always knew one thing: I will help people. So at a young age I followed my intuition and trained as a nurse, foot reflexology therapist and naturopath.
Throughout the years, however, I felt that there was still a lot more to learn, that I didn’t have the wide range of knowledge I wished to have.

Even then I was sure that I could really help people in a different way, but I wasn’t able to translate this firm feeling into action at the time. Instead, I gained a lot of experience and tremendous knowledge of human nature. Among other things, I was able to experience that my pure existence made people feel better. When I met my husband, I was completely fascinated by what he had developed at the time – I finally found myself confirmed in what I had always felt in myself. Since then we have been researching together in the fields of health, medicine and astrophysics.

Peter Viet

I have been concerned with the living conditions and health of people for as long as I can remember. The desire to contribute to helping people have their right to health and zest for life brought me to research into the causes of manifested symptoms or illnesses. I realized how energy in its high potential became vibration – and how this vibration can be controlled. The result is a method that can help to identify the cause of the disease with the help of the person concerned and then open up the possibility of recovery.