The cause therapy, for all curable and incurable diseases, for small and large people.

Disease does not happen from now on the same, but makes its way over a long period of time. Often the sufferer often does not even get along with the beginning, since he shows up in trifles, such as Lack of energy, insomnia or headache.
Gradually, the immune and glandular system is weakened, arteries calcify. The intestines become sluggish due to foods that slow down bowel movements and the body becomes more and more slippery! The mental state is due to the physical condition very wavering and the affected person always feels energyless, low in drive and often falls into mood swings.

Therefore, it is important and necessary to restore the foundation for the health of our body.

We have   aligned our therapy   in such a way that this is guaranteed and   put all components together to give the client a way into the   recovery / vitality and joy of life!

If a client comes to us, we proceed as follows

Filtering the Residential Space - Why is this necessary?
We are surrounded by electricity pylons, nets, technical equipment, underwater rivers and much more (see Geopatology) that surround us every day, damaging our bodies and helping to weaken the immune and glandular system, making the body even more vulnerable! Once a suppression is made, you will find an oasis of peace in your place of residence that will help you relax and strengthen the foundation of your health.

Recognition of the cause of the state of health through toes

Detection of the energy state of the disease in order to change and dissolve this state through the vibration science, activation of the immune and glandular system.

Body cleansing to remove slag, purify veins and arteries to detoxify the body.

A food analysis is done to help the cleansed body to eat only the foods that support it, to become vital and to strengthen the foundation for recovery.