V-trology comprises the detection, recognition and implementation of a body language, the connection between the sub consciousness and toes. The institute has discovered and recognised, that every experience, from birth to current date, is saved in our sub consciousness. As soon as our sub consciousness is filled, experiences are manifested through our toes.

Each and every toe is linked and stands in communication with our sub consciousness. They are able to show patterns of current life circumstances very clearly. A person in good physical and psychological condition has toes that are straight, lie flat and do not show any furrows or other such characteristics. However, as soon as the sub consciousness is filled, that is, experiences will be stored and saved, our toes will undergo a change. Sometimes, wrinkles, reddening and changes in position and orientation can be observed, when toes pull back or are oriented to the sides of the feet. On the basis of the toes, it is possible to observe, if concerns or anxiety for example, have been suppressed.

Suicidal thoughts, separations and divorce, problematic work situations (for example harassment in the workplace), verbal, physical or sexual abuse, or difficult family situations are a few, amongst many examples of experiences that are stored, manifested and expressed through our toes. V-trology is a valuable method of analysis for us as we can recognise why certain changes have occurred, and what cause is responsible for them.
    •    Activation of the gland and immune system
    •    Removal of causes through our self-developed vibration technique
Where the cause and source for an illness has been identified and removed, a symptom has lost the base for its presence.