Testimonials from students


My expectations for the training were high but also marked by many question marks. I arrived in the feeling that I was quite well prepared for my way of life and my world of ideas and that I had enough openness for new things.
I was ready to throw old samples overboard! And then it started!
And three weeks followed that turned everything upside down. Torn out of the sphere of day-to-day processes and spatial narrowness, in an exotic environment and an island of tranquility, completely new insights were not long in coming.
I immediately felt at home in our small group and was warmly received by Silke and Peter.
In the concentrated and incredibly trusting atmosphere of our gatherings, I have been given insights that I had not dared to think of before.
Through the introduction to the foot analysis and the metaphysical iris analysis, I learned connections between physicality and state of consciousness, which, applied to my own personality, have led to an in-depth perception of my personal life story and the influences that influenced me and, on the other hand, have shown me what potential so far has lain in me, on which I can now build in my future life - starting from a new confidence in me and my ability to help other people in their recovery.
To be able to share in the wealth of experience of Silke and Peter fills me with great gratitude and joy.


When I came to South Africa three weeks ago, I had already thought about myself and my life.
This I discussed with my wife, who also has this training.
I am impressed with what I experienced during these three weeks.
I went several times over the therapy mountain, at first with some reservations, but finally completely free from thoughts about me and my environment.
I saw beautiful things and experienced wonderful on the mountain. Through the opening in me, I made many trips without my body to beautiful places where I met myself in a parallel world.
I myself have changed completely for the better, be it in the way of thinking, whereby I learned to stay with my thoughts with me. Furthermore, to make the wonderful experience of how the energy is in the body. The nice thing is that with my energy and the knowledge I have learned, I am able to help other people to recover.
It's so beautiful to have a new way of seeing things. From now on, I see the world and people with different eyes. I know what the most important thing in life is for me. I can enjoy nature because I can now see and perceive it with different eyes.
It was a wonderful three weeks for me and I am looking forward to my future life as I reach our goals together with my wife and in all areas I will only do what I feel like ...

Dear Silke, dear Peter,
Thank you for the great education !!!


Through my lifelong search for myself, I have gone through many stations, some have changed my thinking, reminded me of the mindfulness, reminded me of the divine spark in me and infinitely more!
My life changed, only I did not get lighter!
I fell ill with breast cancer in 2001, went a long way (without chemistry) but it remained unresolved, I had recurrent recurrences !!
Now I met Silke Viet. I started a three-month therapy with her and found an ever-increasing lightness in me. Physically, I always felt better, my hair grew again and I had my strength again!
That's why, after another year, I decided to start training with Peter and Silke Viet to get to know each other and help others. Really to go to the recovery.
In this training, I realized through the metaphysical iris analysis and toe analysis how I hindered myself, because all my life I felt incomprehensible from the outside world, ie family, parents-in-law, siblings, etc.
In this training, I have come to my being that everything that I feel and think is mine and I can also allow that what has been declared as spinning is for me the reality.
I understand what man is!
What mindfulness is and what real thinking is!
This training is a wonderful experience, I take this experience with me on the further life journey to complete it further.
Before, I felt strange. Today I can handle it and live free !!