Silke Viet

I have gone many ways in my life to be where I am today.
But I always knew one thing: I will help people.

So I followed my intuition at a young age. I became a nurse, foot reflexology therapist and alternative practitioner.
I've felt all through the years that there's more, that my insights and my knowledge are not where they should be.
Even then, I knew that I could really help people in a different way.
But at that time I did not realize what it was and how I should / can implement a feeling in action.

I gained a lot of experience and got an enormous knowledge of human nature through my dealings with people.
I was told that people felt better about themselves through my existence.

Then I met my current husband. I was completely fascinated and excited by what he had developed at the time.
I found what I always felt inside me confirmed. Since that time we research together in the field of health, metaphysics, quantum physics.
So the development of our training / therapy continues ...