Testimonials from patients

Married couple from Vechta

We would like to provide you with some information on the subject of home remediation, whereby it is a bit unusual for us to describe this topic in words.
At first, at the beginning of our therapy, this topic was a bit strange to us. That may be true for many people. However, with increasing duration, and after we had dealt with it a bit more, we sensed there was "something in it".
We then decided to have our house with the corresponding plot destroyed. Anticipated, it was the right decision, but the word "right" can not express what this filtering actually did.

It started with the fact that we were able to trace the time of the change pretty much in hindsight, we felt it somehow. From then on, the atmosphere in the house was more peaceful. Since then we feel surrounded by a "pleasant peace", we can feel the peace. This is a very pleasant feeling, with myself I have found that I do not want to leave our house at all, be it in the evening, when I come from work or on the weekends, when I feel no urge any more, "just to get out ".

With my wife, I found that she has since become much calmer. Previously, she had periods in which she was unexplainably   very restless and was "ragged". The same thing often happened in the evening, when she lay in bed and could not rest.
Also in relation to our environment a lot has changed. So we could, for example observe that two or three days after the suppression, at one of our neighboring properties, in the afternoons and in the middle of the week, four neighbors sat on the wall, chatting and drinking champagne. We had not experienced that, especially in this constellation, in the last 13 years as long as we live here.

Furthermore, we were with our neighbors, but also our neighbors with us much looser again, especially with those where the relationship or contact was a little asleep or disturbed.
A very important aspect in our opinion but also the fact that one creates the freedom to perceive this peaceful atmosphere. If the whole day is planned, you are chasing from one appointment to another and your head is full all the time, then you may not be aware of these positive changes.

Lovely wishes
October 26, 2014

Gabriele Hellwig

I was asked to write a report on my therapy with Peter and Silke Viet. [Nbsp] First, let me explain why I even started this therapy.
Like so many people, I had many illnesses. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with the thyroid gland, bile problems, pain after a herniated disc, obesity.
Had visited several doctors and healers, but really nobody could help.

My question then was: why am I ill and what is the cause?
So I started studying with Peter and Silke Viet. During my studies, I also started a therapy in which I completely changed my diet. Before the therapy, my meal plan looked like that of many people.
The main ingredient was meat, bread, I loved bread, including potatoes and cheese, and I could not imagine that I could do without meat entirely. Likewise not that now, after 4 years of study, I'm a V-trologist, V-tronomist, and Geopathologist, advising people, giving lectures. If you asked me 4 years ago if it was possible, I would surely have answered no.

I learned to accept myself within therapy as well as studying. Learned to know myself ☺   Learn to take life as it is without judging or condemning whatever happens.
I learned to enjoy life. Not to ask me: what will come tomorrow?
Is that going to be carefree? I was allowed to learn to trust myself, to give life to space.

It is a way I go that I can only recommend to anyone to go, because it enables me,
to live self-determined. Although I do not know today what will come tomorrow. It is what was missing, come back to me. Trust and faith. I learned serenity and live it. Because, every day is a special day. I'm allowed to live it.
I learned to trust me. This training is so comprehensive that there may not be enough words to express what it means to me.
A path to adventure life. Today is today. That's just one of many things I've learned to implement. That life is fun and much more.

It's worth taking this path. In a word, not expressing and yet so comprehensive ...

Hanne from Leer

My story from 2001 until now.
In 2001, I got the advice from my gynecologist, from my chest left, the upper left

Quadrants to remove, because I had established there node formation.
2 years ago my husband died and left me with 5 children. The youngest was 3 years old, the oldest 26

I had this surgery on me and it turned out to be just micro-lime. [Nbsp] But I was told it was a precursor to cancer and I'm allowed to look! So I had peace until 2008.
Then I felt a knot again and I went to the examination. The result was catastrophic! I supposedly have bone metastases and a lot more!
The first doctor had advised me to have my left breast removed when a nodule reoccurs. [Nbsp] My doctor agreed and so I went to the hospital.
There was a debate of opinion, in so far as the doctors told me that they will do a breast conserving surgery only with subsequent chemo and radiation and Tablettenkur. After long debates, including with my naturopath, I collapsed and let me perform the proposed surgery.

After the surgery, when I was back in the water, I was standing in the chemo room and the therapy should start. [Nbsp] I could not stand it and went!
I was called after, that I will come back again, since I have no other choice. [Nbsp] It was not like that ..! I found a doctor who treated me and I was fine.
2 years later it was time again. Now I bypassed the breast centers and decided to mastectomy, but without me remove more lymph nodes. I have survived this operation well and did a heat therapy and galvanotherapy.

I had 1 year rest again and now there was a knot again.
Meanwhile, I met Silke Viet and I started a therapy with her. In this therapy, the cause of a disease is found and dissolved!
She did a toe analysis that identifies the cause, a metaphysical eye analysis and food analysis. [Nbsp] I've had tinnitus for many years, recurring high blood pressure attacks, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, and always a fat knee, which hurt a lot while running and cycling ,

Well, after a year and a half all my symptoms have disappeared. I have as much strength and enterprise as I did not know them for years. [Nbsp] Even many years before the illness I did not feel as well as after this therapy! [Nbsp] I feel lighter, carefree and lured my hair again. That was no longer in my consciousness that I had curly hair that always lay well.

Now I have her back, my strength is returning. Because the cause is solved !!
I can only recommend this therapy.
With lovely greetings



It's 1998, my name is Regina, I'm 40 years old and I signed up for a routine check-up with the doctor. The result was shocking to me, breast cancer!

The doctor immediately advised me to have chemotherapy done.
Already after the first chemo session I was very sick and it was not good physically and mentally. Nevertheless, I had to go through five more sessions.
Which meant that my hair fell out and I was getting worse and worse! Another examination showed that I could not avoid a mastectomy.
I asked myself: do I want that? no more breasts, how unattractive I am then! Oh God, and what will be my husband's reaction?

A short time later, a friend who also had the diagnosis of breast cancer told me about a lecture that said, "On the Toes for Healing" so alternative healing!
We went together. There was a very large number of people there,   approx. 600 who wanted to listen to this lecture, in which it was about the toes was recognized, which actual cause / background led to the diseases / symptoms. It felt and heard well what Peter Viet reported and so determined my girlfriend and I made an appointment. What I was given with information convinced me, so I decided to take a therapy.

My girlfriend fared like me, and both of us were already much better after the 1 therapy session. After the 3 session, my hair grew and I felt much better mentally and physically. I was very happy to have listened to my intuition. On advice, I had an appointment at the hospital.
The investigation showed: no more cancer, no amputation! Doctors and nurses could not believe that I and my girlfriend had no signs of cancer anymore.

We both decided on a 2 month therapy and have been cancer free since! Today is the 10th of August 2010.
I decided to write this report to show women / men and children the chance to beat cancer. which was made possible by this therapy by the Viet Institute and by the recognition and elimination of the cause, but also by my participation, this!