Our education

The basic training V-tronomy / V-trology offered by Peter and Silke Viet includes the provision of therapeutic knowledge, root cause recognition and a form of treatment to help people effectively on their way to recovery.

Among other things, the goal of this training is to promote each participant individually on his personal spiritual path, but also in his personality development and awareness development!

This includes insight into metaphysics / quantum and astrophysics.

The vibration technique developed by the institute allows to activate the immune and glandular system and to dissolve the identified cause! That is, the cause of a condition is recognized by the V-trology (toe-client) and eliminated with the help of the V-tronomy.

Basic education to specialized causes / sub-cause therapist of V-tronomy / V-trology

We want to give people the opportunity to get out of their old patterns. Show that it pays to live ... in inner and outer freedom and by learning the V-tronomy / V-trology to give people the opportunity to get out of illness.

We do not use bookish knowledge but value our own research findings and experiences that we have gained in many years of research ... these are not assumptions that we teach, but realities that we share with each participant.

What awaits you in this basic education

  • Your own self-healing process
  • Personality development and consciousness expansion
  • Answers to the long-standing questions: Where do I come from? Who am I and what is my job?
  • They learn to recognize the cause of a disease / symptom via toe-toe (V-trology)
  • And to discover the cause of each disease
  • You will learn V-bronography (V-tronomy) advanced energy theory
  • With this you are able to show people an extraordinary way to recovery
  • You get taught the basics of home / building / property filtering
  • Insights into the meta, quantum and astrophysics
  • To recognize the reason and sub cause
  • You will learn the nutritional analysis developed by us

This complete package of new knowledge enables you to experience your life in a self-determined way and to give people the opportunity to get well!

Experience this basic education in South Africa or in Germany
The training is over 3 weeks ...
After this 3 weeks basic training you will be accompanied by us for 4 months, via Mail / Skype in the application of the learned therapy, the development of lectures and questions in the field of V-tronomy / V-trology.

Thereafter, once a year there are further training courses, as well as the opportunity to work with us on a monthly basis.