Every day, humans are surrounded by different rays. Radiation from telephone poles, high voltage power lines, power cables in the ground, technical equipment, magnetic field interference, WLAN, external energy and much more!

There are countless underwater rivers, lakes, veins, which absorb these energies, among other things.
Since humans consist of about 80% water, we are thus in resonance with these permanent interference fields!

Removal of interference in houses, buildings and on property

Can you relate to the following?

  • The moment you enter your home you feel cold and generally unwell?
  • Your children are fighting as soon as they enter your home!
  • Are you suffering from sleeping disorders?
  • Your body shows symptoms of migraine, states of anxiety and panic through to serious illnesses such as cancer
  • You arrive at work and experience stress, depressive illnesses and workplace bullying or harassment

Your company achieves no turnover, employees resign quickly and frequently, or are unreliable

This can be a direct effect of the energetic disturbances that surround us. We are exposed to various energetic disturbances on a daily basis. Telephone antennas, power pylons, underground power cables, technical devices, magnetic field perturbations, radial networks, external energy systems, are only a few, amongst a long list of sources of electro magnetic fields or radiation that surrounds us. Furthermore, numerous underground watercourses, veins and streams can be added to the list of geopathic stress causes that absorb these energetic disturbances. The human being is made up of about 80% water, and so we stand in resonance to these permanent interfering fields.

The radiations do not only exercise stress on the atmosphere of a place, but may also lead to chronic health problems over time. In order to prevent any adverse effects on your health, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the permanent source of detrimental environmental energy, in order to maintain a good overall health condition.

We will be happy to support you with the freeing from energetic causes and interference at your place of residence. Hereafter, you will be able to experience an oasis of peace, find a workplace that fosters your ability to concentrate and succeed, and that presents a positive work environment for you.

The Viet Institute has developed a vibration that goes far beyond the present energies. If applied, it prohibits other energies of any kind. Radiation detectors usually show an average of 6,9 in home-internal readings. After the application of the higher-lying vibration, the reading scarcely shows a higher value than 0,06! The costs of liberalising your home from energetic interferences will depend on the size of your property, house or business. Upon request, we would be happy to provide you with individual consultation and information.

Geopathology - Cell phone radiation

The adverse effect of cell phone radiation can be a promoting and predisposing factor of illness. The permanent carrying of a cell phone near the body has a large impact on your health. Scientific studies have revealed that, ever since an increased use of cell phones has been observed, the toll of cardiovascular disease has increased by 50%, along with an increased number of observed cases of impotence amongst men and women. These are only a few of many symptoms that could be identified!

In order for you to evade the risk of being exposed to excess cell phone radiation, the Viet Institute has developed a chip that is placed inside your cell phone and herewith cancels out the radiation. The costs for the chip add up to around 120 Euro.